A leader in the field of commercial incineration, shipping throughout the United States of America and worldwide.

INCINERATOR INTERNATIONAL, INC. was organized in 1964, and began the design and systematic manufacture of "pre-packaged" incinerators, pioneering this application throughout the world. The organization manufactures a complete line of multiple-chamber incinerators to meet or exceed all current regulating codes for incinerator use.

INCINERATOR INTERNATIONAL builds standard non-polluting incinerators, in capacities from 25 to 2500 pounds per hour, to fit the needs of any business with a burnable trash disposal problem. Larger models are available on special order.

Our incinerators are used daily by grocery stores, schools, hospitals, warehouses, printers, auto dealers, restaurants, hotels, banks, apartments, manufacturers, oil work camps, rigs, supply ships and many other types of business.

We meet requirements of the air control board of each state in the United States of America, and we are in agreement with the Federal Environmental Protection Agency in an effort to abolish air polution.

The basis for satisfactory incineration is the proper analysis of the waste to be destroyed, and the selection of properly sized and type of waste incinerators to best destroy that particular combustible waste.